The capacity of storytelling as a tool for healing is infinite and at the core of Voices Editorial.

Voices Editorial is a trauma-informed editorial consultancy dedicated to providing personalized communication strategy and storytelling services to organizations and individuals working with survivors of trauma across the country.

Rooted in the knowledge of how trauma impacts a survivor’s body, mind, and spirit, trauma-informed storytelling tailors all aspects of the editorial process to compassionately navigate a survivor’s triggers and past experiences. As a journalist and trained survivor advocate, I’ve spent the last 10+ years using trauma-informed storytelling to support survivor healing, further the reach of anti-violence organizations, and educate other journalists about trauma-informed reporting.

Through Voices Editorial, I’d love to see how I can best support the needs of your organization and community.

Available Services

By collaborating with Voices Editorial, organizations and individuals have the opportunity to engage in a variety of services personalized to fit their needs and audiences. For previous clients — including NYCAASA, Exhale to Inhale, and the Resource Sharing Project — this has ranged from creating original editorial projects (reported feature articles, annual reports, educational guides, and more) to consulting on digital communications strategies. Depending on the services desired, both hourly rates and pricing packages are available.

Editorial Strategy and Brand Messaging

  • After interviewing your team about previous workflows, communication goals/needs, and editorial dreams, I’ll deliver an editorial strategy, suggested content calendar, and content ideas personalized to your larger organization or a specific project. This development will help establish the larger narrative of your communication work and identify the key platforms, methods, and content necessary to growing your audiences and goals in a trauma-informed way.

Copywriting and Editing 

  • With the goal of creating writing specific to the needs of your organization, I’ll work with your team to write and edit original content ranging from: Reported features, client interviews, blog/print articles, newsletters, annual reports, speeches, video scripts, infographics, website copy, social media campaigns, educational materials, op-eds/ghostwriting, and more.

Storytelling Project Development

  • Whether you’re looking to start a storytelling project that captures the stories of the community you work with or are interested in creating a writing as healing multi-week program facilitated by your organization, Voices Editorial has the previous experience necessary to help you create both. This includes developing the strategy and curriculum of the program, assisting with outreach and communication needs, facilitating interviews, assisting with storytelling execution and advising, and establishing feedback processes and program guides.

Bio and Portfolio

A quick bit about me: My name is Carly Lanning and I’m the founder of Voices Editorial. I am originally from the Los Angeles area before moving to Brooklyn in 2015. Voices Editorial is a combining of my two passions: Survivor advocacy and storytelling – both which originally took root during my time at UC Irvine.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve worked with survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence in many different roles including community educator, advocate, and journalist. Alongside running Voices Editorial, I also work as a freelance journalist and Storytelling Manager for The Rockefeller Foundation. 

Over the last two years, I’ve worked as a writing consultant for numerous anti-violence organizations across the country including The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Exhale to Inhale, and the Resource Sharing Project. With these organizations and nonprofits, I’ve created monthly reported articles, educational toolkits, annual reports, website copy, and more – examples of which can be found here. I also continue to write about trauma, sexual and intimate partner violence, and victim blaming for national publications including SELF, Psychology Today, Renegade Magazine, NBC, Ms. Magazine

Contact Information

Curious to learn more? Drop me a line at to set up an initial call.

For more information about me and my varied editorial career, visit my portfolio here. Can’t wait to talk soon!

Previous Client Testimonials

Carly delivers incredibly professional, impactful materials that are both trauma-informed and strategic.  She is a pioneer in this work, and it is her passion. We were fortunate enough to see that in action through her stellar work in developing content, guiding strategy and leading information gathering for Exhale to Inhale.  It is challenging to share the stories of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in a way that empowers the individual- Carly made it possible.  You will look forward to your calls and meetings with her- such an absolute pleasure to work with and have at your side in this work! 

– Maggie LaRocca, Executive Director, Exhale to Inhale

In 2022, Carly helped us write a toolkit about recommended practices for serving adult survivors of child sexual abuse in a shelter setting. The project felt collaborative and we liked that Carly was always receptive to our feedback. She is a clear communicator, organized, and was willing to learn about our perspective on trauma-informed advocacy.

– Leah Green, Rural Technical Assistance Coordinator, Resource Sharing Project


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